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Welcome to looking at this Storage buying guide!You will get the Highspeed SD and CF card of Lexar Brands which you may looking for or expected long time. Lexar offers a comprehensive line of award-winning memory cards in various speeds, formats, and capacities. All its products have high-speed performance and reliability and are helpful in making take photos faster and capturing HD video. With so many options, here made a buying guide according to four features of the cards, that is: Lexar PLANTINUM Ⅱ, Lexar Professional, Lexar Professional Compact and Lexar High-Performance microSDHC Memory Card, to help you find the right Lexar® solution to fit your needs and lifestyle easily in store The three types divided are nearly all have storage capacity in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

1. Lexar PLANTINUM Ⅱ. The Lexar Platinum II CompactFlash® (CF) card which is designed for photo and video enthusiasts has a high-performance card that allows quickly capturing, store, and transferring high-quality photos and HD video. Its transfer speed is up to 200x (30MB/s)* which means the  maximum read speeds of 30MB/s and maximum write speeds of 22MB/s, is available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities and Compatible with UDMA CF and CF devices. The 8GB CompactFlash (CF) Card LM-200XCF8GB cost $29, 99. The 16GB CompactFlash (CF) Card LM-200XCF16GB costs $47.99. Lexar 16GB SDHC Memory Card Platinum II Class 10 UHS-I  LM-SD200X16GB has Class 10 speed rating , which ensures minimum read and write speeds will be 10MB/s. Before Aug 01, 2014, it only cost $17.99 for there is 36% discounts, the Lexar 32GB SDHC Memory Card Platinum II Class 10 UHS-I LM-SD200X32GB costs $26.99 for there is 32% discounts, the Lexar 64GB SDXC Memory Card Platinum II Class 10 UHS-I  LM-SD200X64GB-XC cost $49.99 to share 32% discounts. All cards are backed until a lifetime limited warranty.

2. Lexar Professional. Lexar Professional Memory Card is utilize UHS-I technology for a super-fast 400x or 600x speed and got a Class 10 rating. And there is related Image Rescue 4 software which available by download to recover lost or accidentally deleted photo and video files. They are great for capturing high-quality still photos and 1080p HD video with any SDHC- or SDXC-compatible camera, and satisfy the needs of pro photographers and videographers. Moreover, the buyer can enjoy free professional tech support. The card is backed by a lifetime limited warranty. The 8GB SDHC Professional 400x Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card LM-SD400X8GB has a super-fast 400x speed rating, allowing for 60MB/s maximum read speed. It’s got a Class 10 rating and a minimum write speed of 20MB/s. Before Jul 31, 2014, there is 25% discount of $19.99, cost 14.99. The same series member Lexar 16GB SDHC Professional 400x Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card LM-SD400X16GB shares 20% discounts, cost $19.99. The 32GB capacity card LM-SD400X32GB and 64GB card LM-SD400X64GB-XC all have 30% discounts, the former only need $38.49, while the latter just cost $62.99. Lexar 16GB SDHC Memory Card Professional Class 10 600x UHS-I LM-SD600X16GB is different for its 600x speed rating, which allowing for 90MB/s maximum read speed. It’s got a Class 10 rating and a maximum write speed of 60MB/s. Thus, the card can be a little higher. After the 30% discount, it cost $41.28. The 32GB card LM-SD600X32GB and the 64GB LM-SD400X64GB-XC with same discounts cost 45.79 and $62.99 respectively.

3. Lexar Professional Compact. Lexar CompactFlash Memory Card harnesses UDMA 7 technology to deliver an 800x or 1066x speed rating. It is compatible with UDMA CF and CF devices. They are good enough to capture and save still photos and full HD 1080p and 3D video with your DSLR camera. The CF card supports VPG-20 for capturing professional-quality, full HD movies at up to 20MB/s. When paired with a UDMA 7 enabled reader (not included), the card offers super-fast file transfer to computer, drastically accelerating your workflow. Buyers also can free download Image Rescue 4 software to recover lost or accidentally deleted photo and video files. During the limited lifetime warranty, buyers can enjoy free professional tech support. Lexar CompactFlash Memory Card with 800x speed can enable maximum sustained read speeds of 120MB/s, with write speeds of up to 45MB/s. In the capacity 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, only 16GB card LM-800XCF16GB is having a 30% discounts before Jul 31, 2014, cost $55.99. The 8GB card LM-800XCF8GB cost $45.99, the 32GB card  LM-800XCF32GB cost $119.99 and the 64GB card cost $195.29, the two are free shipping. Lexar Professional 1066x Compact Flash Memory Card is capable of achieving data read speeds of up to 160 MB/s and data write speeds of up to 150 MB/s. Of course, the price of them is higher. The 16GB card LM-1066XCF16GB costs $99.99. 32GB card  LM-1066XCF32GB cost $179.99. The 32 GB card LM-1066XCF64GB cost $349.99. They are all share free shopping.

4. Lexar High-Performance microSDHC Memory Card. The High Performance microSDHC Memory Card is designed to be used in a variety of devices including tablets, smart phones, camcorders, and more. It is easy to transferring your data to and from the card for this microSDHC memory card comes with an SD adapter. With speed rated at Class 10, this microSDHC card leverages UHS-1 technology to deliver a transfer speed up to 300x (45 MB/s) or 633x (95MB/s), giving you the speed and space you need to enjoy more of your multimedia on the go. Regardless of the device, you benefit from enhanced data read speeds of up to 45 MB/s or 95MB/s along with the ability to capture 1080p, 3D, and 4K video. They are cheaper than other three kinds of Card, but with different size. Before Jul 31, 2014, the LM-SDMI300X16GB cost $18.89 after 30% discounts, LM-SDMI300X32GB cost $25.99 after 27% discounts,  LM-SDMI300X64GB cost $58.99 for sharing 18% discount. While the 633x is a little dear.  LM-SDMI633X16GB cost $32.99 with no discounts. LM-SDMI633X32G cost $48.99 with 15% discounts.  LM-SDMI633X64GB cost $79.99 with 20% discounts.

Moreover, the card reader of the 1-3 card above are also be sold in our store, you can take it with the Lexar memory card at the same time.

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