STAEDTLER Noris Club Color Pencil Assorted, 24/Set

You may worry over your kids not being able to look and sound more creative. How can they sound creative when they do not have the right way of forming creative brains? They need Noris Club Color Pencil Assorted set of 24 color pencils to sound imaginative and more original. These color pencils would not only keep them busy in a fine activity but would open up their imagination too. Now when you have a birthday-gift-worry over what to gift your child, remember that this would be the best of all choices that you might make. You may like the STD 144ND24 783738 model as the best one. The color pencils inside this model are split resistant and so you would not have to worry over how your kids might treat them. How these are so strong is a question that may follow. This is possible by our wise manufacturing techniques wherein we apply and coat the leads of these pencils with ABS coating to ensure breakage does not result.

STAEDTLER® Noris Club Color Pencil Assorted, 24 Set

At times, while the kids are using color pencils, almost half of the pencils get lost as they roll on the table due to their inappropriate shapes. We have therefore a hexagonal shape for these Noris club color pencils. This shape would keep the color pencils from rolling off on the tables and then going out of sight of kids. Kids love vivid and bright colors. This is why we have placed many different bold and vibrant colors in the assorted color pencils set. In addition to the colors of these color pencils, they have yet another quality that they are very easy in terms of use since one can easily sharpen these. Kids find it easier to indentify the right pencil if the barrel of pencils has the same color as that of the lead. This is the reason we have colored each color pencil with the color of its respective lead.

The STAEDTLER Noris Color Pencil is break resistant and has a latex-free eraser too. Your kids can easily erase colors and therefore can make neat and vivid pictures and drawings that you can further show and be proud of on face book and other social networking sites. Your kids would surely love these range of colors and variety. In addition, they would also be open to more creativity and vivid imaginations by using their artistic instincts. Order it now to get amazing results. We offer free shipping for all orders. If you need more information in relation to any of our products, then check our

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