Staedtler color pencil set of 24 available on discount price

When we pick up pencils from any stationery store, we might be tempted to pick up any brand, especially ones which come cheap. Indeed, pencils being easily replaceable, we often give little thought to such an item’s purchase. But there are some points to consider and the brand and quality of the products makes a difference. Even if we are talking of color pencils, you need to consider certain aspects of such products which makes a difference to the environment as well as the quality of output.

STAEDTLER® Noris Club Color Pencil Assorted, 24 Set

If you opt for any colored pencil set from the market, you might find these pencils to be of sub standard quality. When the color does not come off sharp and distinct and is faint, that reflects poor quality of the color pencils. When you buy color pencils of such quality, they will be useless and you would need to opt for another set soon. For such reasons, it is important to find a brand you can rely upon. Staedtler is a brand that is well recognized when it comes to office supplies. This brand has several kinds of products which are easily available at different stationery stores. Not only is the brand highly reputed in this category, they have a widespread distributorship to ensure availability of their products in most stationery stores across the world.

It would be wise to opt for a STAEDTLER color pencil set from this company. This company offers several kinds of color pencil sets of varied kinds and number. If you want to stock up for a long time, it would be wise to opt for the 24 pencil set. Such an assorted set will have several shades available. For students in high school and for drawing professionals, such a site will come in handy. For them, the smaller set of 12 shades is insufficient and does not contain all the different shades required for detailed or complex drawings.

One store that stocks up on Staedtler color pencil set of the assorted kind is This site has several kinds of stationery products of reputed brands. You will find several kinds of office supplies at this site. If you wish to know more, find this site and browse through the different products available here. You can go through the product specifications on this site as well as purchase such a product at a considerable discount.

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