Special Offer Headphone Splitter with Separate Volume Controls

Technology has been moved on a higher level as it has given new forms to old things as well. There was a time when we used to plug a single wire and listened music by controlling the volume from one button. But now with time and the latest effects, everything has been modified. These headphones will give you a chance to settle the voice differently on both of headphones. Headphone splitter owns that feature of volume control. When music is your great passion and you are all time in music, then you cannot ignore such things which will deliberately increase the value of music.

Headphone Splitter with Separate Volume Controls

The specifications it has are it has a 3.5mm jack. It can be plugged with any device either CD player, iPod, mp3, Zune, to name a few. Once you will plug them in any device, you will definitely feel like sharing the music with others. The quality of music will positively increase. With the separation feature, you can easily use the iPhone and allow one side headphone in addition to other a microphone. There will be no loss in the sound quality. It is the best feature which no other headphones own till now as two people can the volume at their own accordance and enjoys the same music. Headphone Splitter and Volume Control is accessible at very reasonable price to you. Not only the price, but even from us, you will get “Free shipping for all orders”. So isn’t it a great option to choose and purchase such headphones, which have such benefits and can be available at free of cost in shipping. The color you will acquire in them is white which suits with every combination. Select the proper size of the headphones as the wire has different size. Go through the use of them and check them once before you get them. Once you are satisfied, then without thinking much just start enjoying your favorite music with it.

Headphone with separate volume control is available to you at any time with just a single click. Do not let them go as it is a great option for you to enjoy your favorite music on different notes of music. Set the volume level and even check the guarantee of the product. Check over other places, but you will not get such price and also not the free delivery. So it will be a loss if you will not order it. Just go for it.Primecables.com

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