Smart In-Ear Headsets with Mic & Remote

Have you find a smart headsets that could display your music perfectly? Whether you find it or not, please try this smart in-ear headsets with Mic & remote and you will find a totally new experience of listening and find yourself could leave the music!

This smart in-ear headsets equips with the Metallic 3.55mm stereo in-ear earbuds and the hands free noise absorption equipment.the high acoustic configuration and tone tuning could guarantee your listening experience. This headsets could also perform the impulsive sounds with the excellent boron unit. The exclusive technique of equalize tuning could improve the performance of bass. The metal systematic tunes in this Metallic headsets could reduce the resonance frequency,improving the detail of the high-frequency sounds and make sure of the outstanding resolution with nice tone.

Also, the design of the Metallic smart in-ear headsets is simple but fashion. The appearance of this headsets is brief and elegant while comparing with it’s color and material which could both show it’s fashion and professional style.

This Metallic headsets adopts the design of in-ear types. The high class flat audio cable and the design of whole lighting could reduce the weight of it. Even you wear it for a long time, you will not feel any uncomfortable. If you use it while talking to someone in the phone, you could find how convenient it is. The Metallic headsets integrate remote controller which is compatible for the smart phone, PAD and other audio equipment. The voice is clear while using the headset to call and you could use it conveniently. The Metallic also matches the users with three size of earmuff which include the size of L,M and S. The cable of this headsets is made of TPE which is high elastic material. The advanced conductor structure could also guarantees that this cable could not be easy to twined and anti-pulls with long durability. The standard patch cord is available for a large range of devices which is suitable in any situation. You could even wear it to listen music while running or doing other physical training. The Metallic headsets could bring comfort to your ears and the binaural design could provide you the best tone quality in anywhere. No matter what you are doing, listening music of making a phone call or watching videos, you could fall in love the the deep bass and clear sounds from the Metallic headsets. For more information about this Metallic Smart In-Ear Headsets with Mic & Remote , please go to and know more.

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