Plug and Play multi usage combo of USB with card reader

Mobile phones usage is on rage these days. Anyone we can see having latest and best featured mobile phone for style statement or can say with a business purpose use. The more you involve yourself in technology, the more things you come to know. There are abundant of products which are equally connected to the phones, every single individual wants to have every accessory which can make the handset having more features and can be used for any purpose. As we notice that today people want everything around them with a single click. They don’t want to move from their place. For them, a new device, OTG Combo is there to assist people.

Card Reader + Micro USB Hub OTG Combo

Generally, the accessories we acquire with our cell phones are same as which everyone gets. But this new accessory, Card Reader + Micro USB is not available as such. Commonly, when we use such items, they are only for plug and play usage. Easily can be kept anywhere and can be carried along with you. This includes 3 USB micro ports, which is convenient to use. It supports the USB devices like USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB flash disk and lots more. With phones like Samsung, Nokia, Xperia and others, it is suitable. The length of this cable is only 10cm. The phones with which it shows its compatibility are Sony Xperia P, Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500, Nokia C7, Samsung Galaxy Note I9220, Sony Xperia U, OTG devices and other USB supported phones. In the pack, manual of instructions and the combo of card reader and USB are included. Even with the tablets, you can bring this combo into play. No external power is required with it. Also, you can browse the flash card and files directly over it. 3G and 4G devices, Android devices are highly supported with this combo pack. The color of this pack is white and silver.

It is basically used for data transmission from one device to another. Hub Combo Card reader + Micro USB is available at very reasonable charges. Having all the latest gadgets is done by the people, but the latest accessories of them must be bought for usage. This new device must be bought as it can be out of stock soon. So don’t think much and place your order right away, there is no time to waste after reading such benefits of this combo pack.For more details,please visit

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