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From the beautiful colour to clear line, Epson T099520 (No. 99) OEM Light Cyan Ink Cartridge to achieve consistent high quality output effect. Today I give everybody introduction is an Ink Cartridge, This the original (OEM) Epson Epson99 T099520 OEM Ink Cartridge is the genuine Cartridge from Epson and the goal of This Epson99 T099520 OEM Ink Cartridge is to offer the maximum printing experience, it has excellent fade resistant, in addition to material order to save time, you can also rely on the Epson T099520 (No. 99) OEM Light Cyan Ink Cartridge, worry-free printing properties, excellent finish print jobs.

Epson T099220 (No.99) OEM Cyan Ink Cartridge

You can print out the text Light Cyan true to life likeness of photos and laser quality. With the help of anti fading ability outstanding, enjoy the rich color brings unforgettable experience. Your photos and documents valuable can ensure the glossy effect for several years. Just run out of ink cartridge replacement. Epson T099520 innovation design professional and technical backing, can realize the value of the printing effect of your trust. Extensive testing of unique formula has been for several years, according to Epson T099520 OEM Light Cyan Ink Cartridge in the high quality output and fast printing aspects of the stringent requirements. It provides incomparable image quality, waterproof and good anti fading.

Epson T099520 the original supplies can be realized without printing, avoid repeated operation and printing error, save you time. Ink and printer collaborative design and testing, can realize excellent printing effect be consistent from beginning to end in various media. Epson the use of sophisticated technology will each pigment granules enwrapped by resin, the resin coated light reflection, no need to rely on the structure of the paper and the density, regardless of ordinary paper or photo paper, can present the best printing effect. Wrapped in the resin pigment particles, can make the paper to print color is not faded, waterproof, light fastness, scratch, has preserved for a long time. Epson pigment ink with good preservation of super. The use of DURABrite Ultra ink print job can not be mark pen to flower, and it won’t fade fade, even water was wet all not afraid. At the same time also supports only black ink temporary print mode, ensure the printing work continuously, office more efficient.

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