Metz mecablitz 36AF-5 Digital Flash for Nikon Camera

With the growing popularity of digital camera, last night a good partner flash also becomes more and more popular, some products from Germany also gradually “amiable and easy of approach”. For example, today’s leading role, from Germany, the famous Metz flash is popular, not for the big brand stun in Germany, the Metz mecablitz 36AF-5 Digital Flash for Nikon Camera price is fully within you can afford the price, and quality is beyond your imagination, the most popular flash, it can make you more fun shooting life, even in the light of the complicated situation, can also take your picture with.

Metz mecablitz 36AF-5 Digital Flash for Nikon Camera

As a brilliant flash, Metz mecablitz 36AF-5 has a very high popularity in the market, and with the professional SLR performance is good. Metz mecablitz 36AF-5 can decide the sensor frame camera, the flash can work according to its 35mm equivalent. At the same time also can perceive color information, so that the camera to make correct judgment of the white balance. As with professional lens, Metz mecablitz 36AF-5 also waterproof and dustproof processing professional after. At the same time also improved the hot shoe interface Metz mecablitz 36AF-5, it will not only become more reliable, but also at the junction of the most to the metal parts is more durable.

Metz mecablitz 36AF-5 at the bottom of the metal material, and the pin shape, not only improve the strength and reliability of communication. Manual when light is composed of 1 stages, become now the 1/3 stage. In the back of the fuselage prepared with back light LCD panel light. In many cases the flash to use effect than direct hit the shot object is good, the design is also very common. The new flash has more improvements in the design of color film, in addition to the use of color filter, color filter design new hard style, it reflects on the application of flash is gradually after practice, more interesting, diverse, will be the field of import, and as a leader in the field of Nikon flash in the vicinity of the consideration, indeed, always one step ahead.

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