Metz 44 AF-1 Mecablitz Digital Flash for Nikon Camera Review

Who does not want a nice camera with all the appropriate features and at extremely affordable price? If you want one such camera too, then you are just where you should be. The Metz 44 AF-1 mecablitz digital flash not only comes in the right style but also is just in terms of price. The Metz 44 AF-1 mecablitz digital flash for Nikon camera has a sophisticated flicker technology with the style and design extremely slim and trim in structure. The flash presents clear-cut feat with all the management set on the rear section of the camera. With the lead number 44 for ISO100/21 degrees and 150mm, the flash of this one sends control that is required in a variety of illumination settings in TTL form.

Metz 44 AF-1 mecablitz Digital Flash for Nikon Camera

Another amazing feature associated with it is the ability of this to control and set four fractional glow levels in accordance with a specific illumination setting. Now if you are a skilled photographer, you must also know the fact of how to use the first or second shutter, as per the demand and need, to have better suppleness in the whole of the illumination process. The Metz 44 AF-1 has the flicker that offers a slave form. This mode lets one to carry out wireless TTL flash actions. That is not all. There are other flash attractive powers too. Among these is a motor zoom role (24-105mm), which has a completely spinning reflector with flip-out reflector tag and an included wide-angle diffuser of 12mm. Another great feature attached is a USB port that allows firmware revisions for potential compatibility.

The Nikon flash has a perpendicular and flat pivot reflector, which finds its roots in a plain operating conception. One can motor zoom for 24-105 mm lighting. The incorporated wide-angle diffuser allows for 12mm lights effects. One who knows how well to use a camera may also find important to have an everlasting light for examining the figure and this one has that too. Along with this, one also happens to find the included auto spotlight flicker metering with it. The master style of it has an extra peripheral flicker piece. It has a flash speediness gauge that lets know when the flash would strike.

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