Lightweight and convenient Tripod with 3-Way Pan & Folding Handles

Are you a photographer or a camera lover? Are you crazy about being adventurous and love to click pictures? Do you think of getting a single camera with stand where you can directly have images? You might have searched many places and over the internet for such things which is convenient and easy to use. A great item which is Manfrotto 293 Carbon Fiber Tripod is accessible which might fulfil all your requirements and answer your interrogations. It is a creative and an amazing option created for the lovers of the camera.

This Carbon Fiber Tripodis specially designed to promote and provide a way to the creativity of the photographers. The weight of it is very light but the convenience is the utmost one. You can raise the height up to the level of 58.27” and weight at 4 lb supporting till 8.82 lb. The fabrication is done with the strong polymer though it is lightweight and has an abundant of features. There are three bubble levels with a unique mechanism and accurate framing which let you fold the handles in parallel way just to make it tighter. Even you can pack it conveniently. There will be many beneficial things found in it. The sections which it has, are divided into two sections one which is leg spreading for low angle shooting and flip locks for tension-adjustable. The material used in the construction of it is polymer, aluminium, alloy and carbon fiber. The head is constructed with techno polymer, center column and legs of carbon fiber. The maximum height is 148 cm and the minimum one is 38.5 cm. It has an independent leg spread and the spirit level is on the head. The loading capacity is only about 4 kg and adjustments can be mended. The construction is done so well that one can effectively take pleasure by using it. There will be no problem and the photographers will be keen on using it.

Coming at the price of the Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod with 3-Way Pan, it is very reasonable and can be afforded easily. The benefits it incorporates are worth of this price and once you will purchase it, you will really enjoy having it. The more you will use it, further things you will know. After purchasing, the manual will elaborate all the included things in this product. Just enjoy by having this if you are passionate about photography. Just don’t think and click on buying option.

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