Lamp Shade Iron – Counting Stars

Don’t we just love stars, glitters and moonlight? It would be lovely to have them on your lamp shade right beside your bed or right by the window. Lamp Shade with model number T131114-d17 has cute, shiny little stars on it and a beautiful lined pattern to go with them. It makes your lamp look like a wonderful lantern. It is a great way to add some character to your bedside lamp. Children love stars and they would enjoy having this lovely lamp shade in their rooms. It refreshes the conventional style lamps and draws attention instantly.

Lamp Shade Iron, LightingBox T131114 d17

7’’ high and almost 9’’ in diameter, the iron Lamp shade has a standard size and would be suitable for any standard sized lamp. Made of iron, the lamp shade is strong enough and would remain fixed in place. The light grayish background gives it a soft, subtle look which really brings out the beauty of the cute little stars and lights made on the lamp shade. The shade has a polished, smooth, iron finish. It is easy to clean, convenient to use and safe to handle. It is a stunning new accessory for home décor. You can spice up your boring and conventional lamp with this dazzling new addition. This drum shaped strong iron lamp shade is the right size for most lamps.

Lamp Shade Iron will enhance your lighting experience more than you can imagine. Although it is especially made for kids so they can keep it in their bedroom and enjoy looking at the lovely stars but it is equally suitable to be placed in your living room or study room. At night when the brilliant black sky is full of stars and the big, round moon is shining brightly in the darkness, this beautiful starry lamp shade placed beside the windows would look absolutely marvelous. It could be complemented with a silver or golden starry wallpaper, curtains or blinds featuring sparkling little stars or disco lights. It will definitely lighten up your mood and will look pleasing to your eyes.

There is a great demand for the Lamp Shade Iron as only 10 pieces are left in the stock. It is better not to waste more time and get your own lovely lamp shade before it is too late. The price is pretty reasonable i.e. $39.99 only. Place your order now and avail the golden opportunity of free shipping for all orders. To get this beautiful and attractive starry lamp shade or for more products visit us now at:

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