Konnet® MFI iCrado iPhone/iPod

Konnet® MFI iCrado When you are holding your iPhone or iPad, long time will hand pain, you want to find a can support them, so more convenient to you to use them, not only let your hands more easily, It also has an attractive characteristics, it is a charging base, the following me to slowly for you on the good things: Konnet® MFI iCrado PLUS Stylish Metal Stand/Dock for iPhone/iPod, Purple.

Konnet® MFI iCrado PLUS Stylish Metal Stand for iPhone iPod

iCrado design of super wide open so you in charge or use iPhone do not need to take off your protective shell of iPhone. The special interface design, suitable for Apple’s 30pin USB line, let you feel the charging and sync is a be an easy job to do. ICrado PLUS advanced acoustic reflection, enhanced iPhone audio quality, and as clear as crystal clear. Exterior features a brushed metal process colorful. All the colors of the iCrado are very beautiful, the metal wiredrawing craft colourful let many single color iPhone some vitality. The iCrado package also comes with two rubber pad, increased stability can be placed on the desktop when. ICrado model has the very strong streamline shape, the base aluminum alloy material integration, strength is naturally have nothing to say, definitely better than the charging base of plastic material to more reliable. Also in the aluminum alloy base smooth with the design of 30pin USB line, both beautiful and capable of effective dust cleaning. Some people may worry about aluminum alloy material hardness is too big, time is long will grind back bad iPhone mobile phone smooth, so the back iCrado PLUS on the design of the three material is very soft rubber mats, can protect the user’s beloved iPhone appearance without injury.

KONNET icrado is a very convenient iPhone or iPod seat. With its unique design, it shows the user’s personal style. In front of the design has a large opening to the user without disassembling the iPhone or iPod charging protection in case of rapid and convenient. There is a 30 pin USB cable charging special icrado port for apple and synchronization of iPhone or iPod and computer. The icrado advanced acoustic reflex is specially designed to improve speaker, user’s listening ability of iPod and iPhone and the quality of the hands-free microphone receiver. The strong metal design and cable management ability and iPhone / iPod user style. The icrado in a variety of popular iPod color is available.

We encourage you to shop Konnet® MFI iCrado online from phonegala.com to save your money and time that you have previously spent from other physical stores. We ship to all Canada from our eastern warehouse located in Montreal and our western warehouse located in Vancouver. The delivery is super fast. I would like to inform you that this item comes with a far more reasonable price $19.99 only!You have no reason to miss it.

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