Kingston Digital 16 GB Class 10 Flash Memory Card

Are you hunting for a 16 GB Kingston Digital Flash Memory Card? Kingston Digital 16 GB Class 10
Flash Memory Card SD10G2/16GB can be a good option for you. It is the latest version products of SDHC Flash Memory card with Class 10 performance and American original. So Kingston SD10G2/16GB Flash Memory Card has the best quality which guaranteed not only by the authentic manufacturers and Kingston Brands, but also assured by our store, And what’s more, its super writing and reading speed will surprised you. To be more accurately, the writing speed of Kingston SD10G2 is 18Mb/s, while its reading speed can be 22 Mb/s, higher than its writing speed. So it is fast to write or read a music, photo or video from SD10G2 to save a lot of time.

Kingston Digital 16 GB Class 10 Flash Memory Card

Except that, Kingston SD10G2 is only 2.5g heavy, but with the standard size 24×32×2.1mm, and was stored in special protective shell. Its working voltage is 3.3V, which can be provided by a lot of electrical devices easily. Kingston SD10G2 is made to meets SD 3.00 standards to guarantee its super speed in working temperature that from 25°C to 85°C. With its big capacity 16GB, Kingston SD10G2 can be put into many electrical devices such as cameras, computers, IPADs to store documents, photos or videos. Moreover, its Class 10 performance is especially made for amateur and professional cameraman. If you are a cameraman or music lover, take Kingston SD10G2/16GB Digital Flash Memory Card is exactly the wise choice. It can store nearly 800 photos, not to say music or documents.

After all said, it’s time to let you know the price of Kingston SD10G2/16GB Memory Card. That will be amazing. You can’t believe you need only pay $14.99 to take it away today. Why is it so cheap? Don’t get refused. In the picture of Kingston SD10G2/16GB Digital Flash Memory Card, you can clearly see that there is 40% discounts for Kingston SD10g2 / 16GB Flash Memory Card before Jul 25, 2014. Combined with its ensured quality, SD10G2 is really cost-effective and to take away. Does it is the one you are looking for and in need? If yes, you should make a deal as fast as you can for its quantity is limited, there is only 10 in stock. If you order at once, you we’ll free ship it for you within 3 days. After you got it for using, its quality will still be nationwide warranted in all its lifetime. You can safely to take it home for using in whatever electrical devices it suits. Order or more information please visits our store, Happy shopping!

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