It’s ultra-thin and flat:Digiwave ANT4500 BMX HDTV Digital Antenna

If you used to get a snowy picture on your analog TV channels, maybe it is time for you change a new Digiwave BMX HDTV digital antenna. Then you could say goodbye to adjusting bad quality of picture and receive a better experience when you are watching TV.With the frequency rage between 470 to 860, this digital antenna could receives HUF cannels from 14 to 69. The gain of this digital antenna is 2 and the input impedance is 75. Also, the effective reception distance is 100km. What’s more, you could get a change to DIY this manual HDTV digital antenna.

This HD Antenna ANT4500  enjoys the world leading technology in the world and could offer their customer with the unmatted quality of digital antenna. This Digiwave antenna has been well designed. You could find that with it’s flat and simple design, it could be easily decorated in your entertainment room. The removable amplifier could preserve the purity of the signal with lower noise circuitry especially while amplifying weak signals. This flat Digiwave antenna could also be mounted on your wall which could save space for you room.It is designed specifically for digital television signals which require more directional reception than the older one. With this HDTV Digital Antenna, the digital TV could provides you with picture and sound of higher quality. This ANT4500 antenna could help your HDTV capture the weak signal to enable the quality of performance.

No longer does superior reception for your home theater system mean having to compromise the aesthetic appeal of your living room. In addition to their sleek design, the Digiwave digital flat antennas are mountable. Simply match any color you like to go along with your home palette and watch this state-of-the-art antenna disappear into its surroundings. It’s just one more way Digiwave antennas deliver convenient and practical solutions. Digital TV signals require better reception than analog TV signals to provide satisfactory performance (i.e. a watchable picture). If you used to get a snowy picture on your analog TV channels, you may find that your new digital channels do not have strong enough signals to display in this new format.

With all these we have talked above, why not get this Digiwave BMX HDTV Digital antenna back and have a try. I’m sure you will be surprised by the quality of the picture. What’s more, it’s on sale now and you could get it with 60% off! For more information, please go to


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