How to organize your computer cables?Using Cable Organizers.

When you want to listen to music, but the headset wire is wound into a ball in the bag, and even in the pocket bound together, key chain, mobile phone chain, cable solution doesn’t open and make a mess. Have you ever met this awkward? In addition, travel out of town, the necessary cable, computer power cord chaos often can make you mad. Now, as long as the small thing, you don’t need to worry about it. That is, Ut Wire Cord Wrap To – Go 3 – Piece Cable Organizer Combo!

Ut Wire Cord Wrap To-Go 3-Piece Cable Organizer Combo

The main function of the UT Wire Cord Wrap Kit is intended to organize cords and keep them untangled while you travel. The wraps with a compact design to help you store cords from portable electronic devices in your purse, backpack, luggage or pocket.UT Wire Cord Wrap consists of high carbon steel by surface coating, drawing, twisting is made, is one of the main skeleton material for tire. High strength brass plated fine steel twist wire beam made of steel cord, thermal performance is good, easy to distribute the tyre in the high-speed operation of heat, with high strength, and is not easy to be affected by temperature, such as when other fabrics in the destruction of the temperature, the steel cord can keep the tensile the strength of the original 93%, high tensile strength, tensile strength, caused by the load of the elastic elongation and the permanent elongation is small, dimensional stability, good resistance to impact, therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality problem of UT Wire Cord Wrap. It is fully capable of orderly organize your cables.

Ut Wire Cord Wrap To-Go 3-Piece Cable Organizer Combo (New, Retail Box)

You can use it to organize cords and keep them untangled while you travel and Black, gray and red finishes, Kit includes 3 different sizes: small, medium and large for storing different length cords. I believe that it will be the best Cable Organizers!More surprises, we will provide you with an incredible price Only $3.99 can you own it !and you save $2.00 (33%) until Jul 31, 2014,This item should ship today ( 2014-07-10 ) if ordered within 7 hours. Don’t miss it!

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