How to keep your cables organized? By using our Cable Organizer

Are you still distressed about how to keep your cables organized? It is right for you to come. Keep reading, there is a solution for you. That is, using the cable organizer below according to your special environment. More exiting, there is some on sale before Jul 31, 2014; it is really cost-effective and helpful. The information below is only a little, more detail; please go to the related homepage.


(1) D-Wings outdoor  is a versatile nail-free clip that can be used outdoor. It is designed with the weather in mind and use high bond foam tape that can withstand extreme temperature. So it is not only a light clip for patios, but also can be used as a vine clip in gardens for support. Before Jul 31, 2014, a set of 6 D-Wings UTW-UH-12D6GN with green has a 27% discount of $5.49, so you need only pay $3.99 to take.


(2) Q KNOT OUTDOOR with Green is a multi-purpose reusable tie designed with high premium rubber that can withstand weather. It is especially for outdoor jobs for it is not only a cable tie, but also can be used to bundle and tie vines and small plants. A set of 10 only cost $3.59 for there is a 34% discount of $5.49 original until Jul 31, 2014.

Urashima Taro Flexi Ties

(3) Urashima Taro Flexi Ties  with 7-Inch is a reusable cable tie for bundling multiple cords or organizing excess cords. These colorful Flexi Ties organize and control the cords by wrapping and twisting around it. It is really easy to organize cords (i.e. hair dryer, hair curler, coffee maker, mixer, blender, and other electronic products.). Each pack comes in yellow/pink/blue, and there is total 6 pieces in the pack. Before Jul 31, 2014, you take it can share 47% discounts of $7.19 original, that is to say, only pay $3.79 is ok. And Urashima Taro Flexi Ties II, with 5in and 8 Pieces in Orange, Black or Gray  UTW-FT12-02 costs $4.99.


Ut Wire Cord Wrap To-Go

(4) Ut Wire Cord Wrap To-Go 3-Piece Kit UTW-CWTGH-01 is intended to organize cords and keep them untangled while you travel. The wraps designed in compact are ideal to help you store cords from portable electronic devices in your purse, backpack, luggage or pocket. UTW-CWTGH-01 has 3 different sizes: small, medium and large. More special assemble and product size please visit its homepage. If you take today, there is $2.00 saved for you by sharing its 33% discounts of $5.99, to be precise, you can only pay $3.99 before Jul 31, 2014.

UT Wire UTW-D18-WH D-Wings

(5) UT Wire UTW-D18-WH D-Wings 18-piece Cord Organizer Combo Kit is an easy cord organizer to hold and guide loose cords across any flat surfaces such as wall or desks. Simply peal, stick, and stay. You can use it for audio video cords, chargers, lighting cords, power cables, holiday lights and etc. UTW-D18-BK is same to it just different in color. They are all cost $5.99. While UT Wire D-Wings 12-Piece Small Cord Control set in black or white costs $3.89, UT Wire D-Wings 12-Piece Large Cord Control Set in black or white costs $4.59. You can choose the one fit for your needs.

Urashima Taro, Floor Cord Protector

(6) UT Wire (TM)’s Cord Protector & Concealer is a unique cord organization accessory with new design and added storage space. Its new top loading compartment design makes removing cords for any future adjustments a piece of cake. Also, the flexible material eliminates the difficulties of similar products to lie flat on floor or cut the product to your desire length. There are several sizes to choose from. UTW-CP501-GY and UTW-CP501-BG who are including 5ft Cord Protector and Double-sided adhesive tapes cost $12.99. The UTW-CP1501-GY, UTW-CP1501-BK, UTW-CP1501-TN and UTW-CP1501-BG who are including 15ft Cord Protector and Double-sided adhesive tapes cost $22.99.

All the above Cable Organizer can help organize cable well, what you need do is choosing the right one which fit for your need perfectly. And you can clear notice that, there are many on sale, which can be more cost-effective to save your cost budget. They are really worthy of take, don’t hesitate now, make a deal in our store,, the one you ordered will be shipped the day after tomorrow. The delivery of them is also in super fast speed, you can get as fast as you expected. Nice shopping!


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