Hitstreet Clearance:Up To 70% Off !

The HItstreet products is on sale now! You could get a plenty of products with the much lower price now! The Hitstreet products cover a wide rage including digital voice recorder, MP3 player, cancer research mp3 player, screen gloves and etc.

HipStreet 4 GB Digital Voice Recorder

HipStreet 4 GB Digital Voice Recorder equips with the model of HS-VR818-4GB and has a high performance of recording. This voice recorder also has a high quality capacitor microphone and a built-in speaker so that you could record and listen the voice conveniently. Besides the function of recording, this voice recorder also equips with the equalizer presets for music listening so that you could listen to whatever you like. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery guarantees your durable using.


If you want to get better listening experience, you could try HipStreet 4GB MP3 player. With this MP3 player, you could bring tons of your favorite songs by your side. This MP3 player also has a mini-sized display so that you could see what the coming song is. This HipStreet player also has serval color style for you to choose including red, pink, purple and blue.

HIPSTREET noise isolating earbuds-RD

After getting a nice HipStreet MP3 player, what about just get one more Hipstreet noise isolating earbuds-RD? Once you put this earbuds in your ears, you could find there’s nothing but music around you. With this Hipstreet earbuds and the MP3 player, definitely you could just immerse in your own music world without any disturbing.

HIPSTREET® Touch Screen Gloves

Winter is coming and have you ever feel inconvenient when using your touch screen mobile phone with your gloves? But if you try to take off your gloves that would be too cold for your hands. Therefore, HipStreet makes the touch screen gloves for you so that you could touch anywhere in your phone as the normal summer times. HipStreet also adopts the selected material so that you could get the warm and comfortable experience in the winter even you need to touch your phone. Because of the special made pattern on the gloves, you could firmly hold your phone and touch wherever on your screen without any mistakes accurately.

As what i have mentioned in the first, there’s still a lot of perfect products of HipStreet in our pages. What’s more, it’s all on sale so that you could save 70% of your money. Just go to 123ink.ca and get your ideal one!


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