Hip Street HS-T29 video MP3 player is ON SALE !

Are you having a MP3? NO yet. Aha,I think you are behind of time. Don’t worry. Now I recommend Hip street 4GB MP3 Hip street to you. Sleek and slim,it features a 1.8″ LCD color display, perfect for viewing videos and photos. When you scroll through your tunes, you can watch videos and share photos on the vibrant 1.8″ LCD screen. And the ID3 Tag supports song and lyric information display. In addition, the intuitive touch screen controls give you one-touch access to your entertainment. Moreover,It’s also has easy to use controls and simple USB file transfer. High-speed USB connectivity makes transferring files fast. This portable device can be used as a USB flash drive as well.The Hip Street HS-T29 can store up to 4GB capacity of digital songs, photos and videos,if you still feel that the capacity is not enough,you can take it easy,our MP3 is integrated micro SD memory card slot, letting you carry with your favorite music, videos, ebooks, or pictures anywhere and everywhere! And built-in FM radio lets you enjoy local radio stations. The prominent feature is built-in rechargeable battery,economical and environmental protection.

Hip Street HS-T29 video MP3 player is on sale

There are many advantages of Hip Street HS-T29, and here are the three main point:Firstly, the MP3 compressed file size, so the same space to store more information;secondly, because there is no mechanical components, all electronic components, so there is no shock problem, it is more suitable for listening music when you are doing sports,housework or others. Last but not least you can edit your favorite songs. Every coin has two sides. MP3 also have some disadvantages. MP3 audio compression is a lossy compression, because the human ear can only hear a certain frequency band sound, and other higher or lower frequency sounds to the human ear is useless, so the MP3 technology is removed the useless sound , so that the file size is greatly reduced. Although it sounds MP3 music is still close to the sound quality of the CD, but after all, compared with CD, MP3 is slightly inferior to some aspects.

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