High speed SD and CF card for your camera storage

If you want to have a high speed SD and CF card for your camera storage, the Lexar 16GB Compact Flash Memory Card belong to non. It has a large capacity, professional performance and reliability of the perfect combination. Specially designed for professional photographers and photography fancier, the lightning fast storage card to continue using the UDMA storage technology, the speed of 800X nominal, means that the second lowest 45MB continued writing speed — excellent performance to warlords. Because the card to computer transmission rate when lifting, and also supports UDMA technology equipment when used together, can greatly reduce the post-processing time. In addition, the great capacity of 16GB allows the photographer to shoot more and not have to worry about been interrupted.

Lexar 16GB CompactFlash Memory Card

Lexar 16GB Flash Memory Card has the most professional standards, performance of the most high, professional photographer and videographer best choice, Lexar professional series 800X UDMA card allows you to take high quality photos and 1080 pixel full HD video and 3D, an impressive 800 times per second, provide 120MB minimum sustained reading speed. Once you have finished shooting, then high speed transfer files, significantly speed up the work flow. Lexar professional series 800X CF existing 8GB-128GB capacity available. With impressive speed 800, significantly speed up the processes.

This high performance Lexar Memory Card provides impressive speed and performance deeply, and the maximum capacity of up to 128GB are available, you can enjoy the shooting continued, rapid, and storage time of 1080 pixel HD video extension length, to shoot more dynamic picture of life. The card also uses UDMA 7 technology to support a new generation of high resolution digital SLR camera. The transmission speed of the computer from the card through improved, can speed up the process – to help you save time, meet the deadline and gain competitive advantage. Comply with VPG-20 specification, support for taking high quality video professional grade. The card is also tested and ensure to take professional video up to 20MB per second flow files faster, at high frame rate support does not fall high quality full HD video frames in the shot. Contains the value of downloadable software. Lexar 16GB CompactFlash includes the latest version of the award-winning Lexar Image software image rescue of Rescue? 4, the software is able to reliably recover most of the photos and video files, even if they have been deleted or corrupted files. Superior performance, reliability and compatibility. Lexar cooperation with major camera manufacturers, from the simplest to the most complex models, ensuring that all Lexar memory card and the digital camera compatible. These memory card also passed Lexar quality laboratory in 800 kinds of digital camera and memory card device testing, in order to ensure compatibility and performance.


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