Here is your CHEAPEST 3D printer in Canada !

From education to the most stringent requirements of business application, IdeaWerk  Desktop 3D Printer can meet a variety of professional applications, including education, digital concept into the real world, the ideas into students can really grip in the hands of the lifelike 3D color model, and attract students from. In the construction field, creating architectural models and prototypes for the key component design. Industrial area, building models and mould for metal casting, RTV mold and casting polyurethane application. Entertainment and art, according to video games and 3D data of other creation easily create custom avatar and statues.

IdeaWerk™ Desktop 3D Printer

High quality
The compact metal frame and high quality of Desktop 3D printer’s stability and good finish; colorful acrylic brings fashionable touch to the printer; and the LED lamp with built-in flash from the inside, the perfect combination of shining 3D einstart I-S 3D printer technology and fashion.

The smart properties
No computer printing can easily backup display the necessary information on the screen. “A button to print” function, will “open software, connected to the computer, select the file, set parameters, began printing work flow to a button”. Users need only a long press to print directly, which make the printing more effective.

Visual design
Multi colour printing: color printing function of creative, when there is a significant change or shortage of material needs, just click the “pause” change the filament and continue to print. This function not only solves the material shortage problem in the process of printing, also brought the whole printing color.

IdeaWerk Desktop 3D Printer can stimulate the students’ creative thinking and practical skills, help students understand the 3D printing technology to make their operation training;Develop students’ creativity, will their new ideas, for the real object model. Let designers dream come true, most of the designers and manufacturers of bold ideas in the true model in a few hours, do not need to mold development or machining, casting, etc.. For the majority of DIY lovers, they can print their own DIY components, may create another printer! At the same time, reduce the cost of enterprise innovation, different design models can be printed in comparison with the design cycle of the new product, which helps to find the optimal design. Such a good product we only sell 1 yuan. Click our website to know more. Here is your CHEAPEST 3D printer in Canada !

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