Get Wet and Wild with iOttie™ Waterproof Skins!

Is that ever happened with you that your mobile phone falls down into the water? Have you faced this kind of loss? Or by chance while working it just slips down from your hand? Then a perfect solution for you is to have iOttie™ Waterproof Skin for your mobile phone and feel relaxed with that. This is an amazing cover which will protect your mobile from any harm. These days, while working we often forget about the place and keep our phone over here and there which leads sometimes to full of dust on the phone or it can be in water. So this solution is unbeatable as it is the perfect choice for you.


Using Skin for iPhone 3GS, your phone will be safe and no such tension of extra care will be there. There are abundant of features of this skin as it is 100% water proof. So if once it gets over there, you don’t have to face any loss. This cover will be dust resistant, dirt proof. The function of receiving the phone calls in the water is also possible with this and full touch screen can be brought into play. There will be no compromise with the picture as it will be as same as without the skin. Even the camera will work superbly with that shield. When you will acquire this pack, it will incorporate 4 sealing tapes, 2 waterproof skins, 4 pink leakage indicators and some things like ski, bathing, fishing, outdoor activity and underwater activity for multipurpose activities. Keep in mind, that this water-resistant cover is not permanent as you have to purchase it again. Make sure the cover you buy must be proper for your phone. It will be double layered so no harm will be done easily to phone. The double layer will be smooth and not to be proved as a halt in operation. It is user friendly and weightless. Quality and guarantee of this cover are offered to consumers.

These features of Waterproof Skin for iPhone 3GS, 3G makes it stand out of all others. The price and features of it are great. The design and framing of this cover is done just for all the buyers who wanted to protect their phones from all the water and dust. Just go for this product as it is “Free shipping for all orders over $49”, so just keep ordering as much you require. Do not miss to check the


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