Get Maped Color Peps Washable Felt Markers for your kids

Do your kids love to paint and color in their unique different and cute little styles? If so, this season, amaze them by gifting them the best color packs of all times. You guessed it right. Buy them a maped color peps washable felt markers, large tip, 12 markers per packet that has assorted colors. Each single packet that you buy has twelve different colors inside it. This product is amazing for both adults and kids alike. Kids who are in love with drawing and arts would find this one to be of extreme use and would surely love it. This pack has numerous benefits associated to it. For instance, the uniqueness of it lies in its top design and elevated superiority. These groundbreaking marker pens have a large felt tip point on each of them. Each marker pen of the 362-845020-model has a felt tip point with a safe same color cap, which ensures that the markers do not dry out. You can use this lid after you have used the marker and this would keep the tip of these pens from drying out.

Maped Color Peps Washable Felt Markers

Another amazing fact about these color pencials is that for making it easier for you to identify the color, you would get to see the ink shade printed on the barrel of each marker. These marker pens have inside them, bright ink and this ink is washable too. Those young students and kids who have a habit of erasing a lot and making common mistakes are going to find it highly useful in terms of wash-ability of the color. If you have kids at home, who find it amusing to work with colors on papers and love arts in their own exclusive ways then these Maped Color Peps Washable Felt Markers would be best for home use too. The little ones would surely enjoy these and your house would no more get grubby.

With over sixty years of experience now, Maped knows best in terms of markers and color pens. The innovations Maped has been bringing forth are numerous in numbers. With the use of ergonomic and striking products customized to the needs of buyers, Maped knows best like no one else does. Buying the amazing and wonderful error-free Washable Felt Marker would make the lives of your younger ones colorful and bright. Get to us now and order it right away. We offer free shipping for all orders. In case of further information on this product or other related ones, visit our website

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