Get a Lumocolor Fine Point Permanent Marker just $9.99 !

The model 900-318 WP4 A6 of the amazing STAEDTLER Lumocolor Fine Point Permanent Marker Assorted, 4/Pack is an amazing offer to buy. This pack has quick drying permanent markers that have fine point and the ink that these markers contain does not smudge or bead and makes sure that your writing stays as clean and as clear as possible. The ink is dry and safe. Even if one leaves the marker uncapped for a number of days, this ink never dries out. This is another quality that makes it worth using for many times it happens that in the busy hours of life, one may forget to cap the pens and there, the pens usually go wasted. The same does not happen here provided you have a Lumocolor Fine Point Permanent Marker pen.

STAEDTLER® Lumocolor Fine Point Permanent Marker Assorted

Another feature making this assorted  Marker amazing and unique from the rest of the pens is that it can let a person write on lustrous and shiny surfaces too. You may now write with this marker pen on any surface like a CD or a DVD or you may even want to write on photographs and slide frames, glass and acrylic or even disc. Most people hate ink smells. This issue does not occur if you have this awesome pen. The pen has an odor free ink that has the power to dry out in no time at all. What is more interesting to know while buying this one is that you can even get to buy a correction pen that allows one to erase the unwanted parts of the writing. After you have erased Lumocolor writing marks with precise accuracy, you can easily remark those areas immediately after erasing them.

This unique STAEDTLER Lumocolor Permanent Marker pen is permanent in nature and comes in black color. The ink it contains is assorted and bleed resistant. Its quick drying feature and smudge proof quality makes it standout among the rest. Now you can easily use this for each of your high quality work projects and assignments to impress the readers. Neatness would ensure you leave a good impression on the reader who gets to see it. You need to order it now and get to experience fine writing experience.

Ordering it would not burden you with shipping costs. This is because we have free shipping for all orders for you. In case you want more information of this product, you may like to see our website where you would also get to see other products that are highly reasonable in price and are of great quality.

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