Get a Lumocolor Fine Point Permanent Marker for $3.00 only!Save 49% !

The amazing staedtler lumocolor fine point permanent marker, black in color, and a black barrel and ink, has everything one needs for good handwriting and well-written presentation. It has an ink inside it that dries out quickly, which helps one avoid smudging that eventually roughens the look of the written work. Another amazing feature of this marker is that you get to have a dry safe ink. So now, even if you leave the pen uncapped for days, you would not find your pen to dry out completely. This marker is the best option for use and is cheaper in terms of price. With it, you are sure to have a quick smooth writing style to impress anyone who gets to see your handwriting.

With the Lumocolor point marker, you will also be amazed to find an automatic pressure equalization that would make sure that the pen does not not leak all over on board airplane. In addition to it, it has a cap, which has a clip on it. This clip allows one to attach the pen with things like note pads, pockets, or other things. With this marker, you can even write on polished surfaces of CDs or DVDs, photographs, slip frames, glass, and even discs. If you do not like the odor of usual pens that are commonly used, then this is the thing to buy for it is odor free and color concentrated too.

Fine Point Permanent marker does not come alone. You can even get to have a modification pen with it. This would clear precisely, all the markings of the lumocolor marker pen. After you have erased the desired markings, you can write on those areas again with the regular lumocolor pen. The good thing about this pen is it is extremely light in weight. Carrying it along, therefore, will not be an issue.

With all the amazing features, this pen is sure to make you go easy on your writing. It has everything one needs. From the right price and color to the odor free ink and quick dry feature, the lumocolor fine point permanent marker is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes for a good writing pen. You will also get free shipping for all orders if you order it online. Do it now and visit us at to get to avail world’s best lumocolor marker pen.

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