Everything about iPhone 5/5S Anti Blue Ray Screen Protector !

Do you let your kids play with your mobile phone/tablet?

Do you know that their functional vision can be negatively affected by playing with it?

Youths under the age of 20, and especially very young children, have little or no yellowing of the lens. Therefore any UV or blue light which enters the eye is unfiltered and strikes the retina at full-strength exposing not only the retina, but the lens to damage.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is the strongest light within the visible ray spectrum, and it has enough energy to penetrate straight through, passing the cornea and crystalline lens of the eye without being absorbed, and reaching the retina, which can cause it to deteriorate. Exposure to blue light for long periods of time can stimulate the ciliary muscle, causing the eye pupils to contract. This can cause a series of symptoms such as eye tired, eyestrain, dry eyes, or it can also misalign your internal body clock as it suppresses the secretion of sleep-inducing melatonin.

LED Spectrum Vs. The Solar Spectrum
By comparing the LED spectrum and solar spectrum, we found that LED with wavelength of 380-460 contain more purple blue light, while solar spectrum of 500-600 as main wave band.

Obviously it is shortwave blue light that LED uses to get while light through the incitation of fluorecent powder, while the sunlight gets white light through yellow green light. Light with wave band of 380-400 exists in all advanced screen spectrum, so how can we handle the harm of the screen?!

Our anti-blue light screen protector is made to protect your eyes from the blue light emissions of LED displays.


  • 100% filter 380nm-390nm high-energy shortwave blue-ray.
  • Filter 420nm-450nm blue-ray emitted by the screens.
  • Effective filter light of the various wavelengths, avoid lens mutation, protect your eyes from cataracts, myopia.
  • Prevent blue light from harming retina, avoid macular degeneration.
  • Prevent skin from chloasma, freckles, wrinkles stimulated by blue light.
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