Crayola Binney & Smith colored pencils in set of 12 colors

There are different kinds of colored pencils that are available in the market these days. Not only do they vary in composition, the number of pencils included in one set and the brand also makes a difference when it comes to pricing. If you opt for a reputed brand, you would be charged a premium than opting for local or new brands. However reputed stationery brands are relied upon by their loyal customers. They find confidence in their products which stand upto a certain level of quality and standard. For such reasons, you will find several people opting for color pencils and other items from a favorite brand of their own.

Crayola Binney & Smith Crayola(R) Colored Pencils, Set Of 12 Colors

When it comes to number of pencils included in a set, there are some which offer six, eight, twelve while others come in sets of 24 and even 36. There are jumbo packs that might contain even larger assortment of color pencils. These are made in varying packs to suit the different requirements of the customers. Many people opt for the small sets when they are buying for small children. Small kids who are learning to draw can handle a few crayons or color pencils and they will learn to recognize the colors better in such a way. When they are older and using more colors, the sets of twelve come in handy. For those who wish to use more shades, the set of 24 is ideal. Indeed, the set of 24 color pencils is mostly sought after by the older kids and those who are learning art and drawing in their courses. When you are attending an art class, you would need to understand the different shades and how they impact and create a difference on paper and in contrast with other shades.

One reputed brand is Crayola Binney & Smith. This brand is well known in several countries and their supplies are easily found in several stationery stores. However, not every retailer might stock up on every product or varieties of their products. If you wish to see the wide variety of colored pencils that this brand offers, log onto a site that offers a wide range of office supplies such as This site will certainly have a colored pencil set of 12 as well as other associated items on sale. What is more, this online store is offering a major discount on office supplies and you can avail of free shipping on your order as well.

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