Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector is made to Protect your eyes

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), an increasing number of people lose their sight because of blue light. However, nowadays, the frequency of using mobile phone is increasing which became the main source of blue light exposure, because the visible light coming from your mobile phone contains one kind of short wave blue light. If you want to find a solution for this horrible situation, the anti-blue light screen protector is your ideal choice.

The iphone anti-blue light screen protector adopts the international anti-blue light technology which could protect your eyes while using your cell phone. This screen protector adds an anti-blue light coating and it could filter the short wave blue light effectively and also it could band the harmful ultraviolet light so that the light which stays in this wave length could pass the protect to reach your eyes. If you use your phone over 20 minutes continuously, your sight could decrease 43.8 degree to the short-sighted situation. What’s more, your tear film will break up over 5.3 times per seconds averagely. Also, you will blink 7.67 times per minutes which is much lower than the normal situation. From what we have shown above, the visible light of the screen contains one kind of short wave blue light which wave length is between 400nm to 480nm. This kind of light could have the light with higher energy comparatively and it could also do harm to our eyes. This light could directly reduce our eyesight or even it may cause kinds of eye disease of blindness.

The blue light could led to the producing of free radical on your retina. The free radical could result in the death of epithelial cell on the retina and then lessen the nutrient for light-sensing cells and casus the damage on your eyesight. What’s worse, it could lead to yellow spot and extrude the crystalline lens to cause short-sightedness.The blue light would makes chronic impairment on our retina and leads to degeneration of our retina and cause many disease at the same time.

The screen protector is the closest one to the screen of your phone. Therefore, the screen proctor is the best place to begin to prevent the damage made by blue light to human beings. Withe the advent of technology age, the anti-blue light screen protector launched to the market. This screen protector could protect your eyes begin form the source of blue-light.what’s more, with it’s high quality, this screen proctor also enjoys a nice resistance of fall off. Want to get one? Just go to!


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