14 “Tiffany-Style Semi-classical ceiling lights – Roses are Red, Violets are blue

Are you an American nationalist? Are you an American patriot? Well you aren’t one if you don’t have a 14 “Tiffany-Style Semi-classical ceiling light in your house. Colored in blue and red i.e. the colors of the American Flag, the light has a sharp, interesting look and it creates an amazing ambiance in the room it is used in. The main material is glass and the secondary material is iron. It has a golden brown square base by which it is nailed on the ceiling. It has a pointed little tip at the bottom that is also golden in color. The light uses an incandescent bulb with a maximum wattage of 60W. The voltage on which the light operates is 110V. Tiffany-style has always been in fashion and is definitely there to stay. This multi-colored lamp creates a warm environment making the room look brighter. This stained glass fixture combines style with simplicity.

14 Tiffany Style Semi ceiling Lamp

There are three long, red colored lines on each of the four faces that run from the bottom and end just below the top of the lamp. Then there are four little squares three of which are colored blue and two are of green color. Apart from that there are black boundaries made of iron which truly bring out the whole pattern. This explains the simple yet characteristic design of this beautiful light. The light uses two E26 bulb bases for two incandescent bulbs. The light is sufficient for reading, writing, relaxing, watching TV, working on your laptop, iPad, tablet or simply making the room look brighter. Therefore this wonderful light can be used in living rooms, dining rooms or foyers.

It is definitely an eye-catcher with its unique color combination and triangular style. Apart from the transmission of light through the translucent, stained glass, the lamp has several small holes at the bottom near the pointed tip which enhances the light intensity and makes the lighting experience all the more exciting. The lamp combines style with convenience, art with purpose and color with meaning. The glass is slightly stained off white to truly bring out the colors used in the lamp. Its model number is CE100O1 and its availability is limited as we have only 6 such lamps in stock. You better not waste more time and get your hands on the brand new 14 “Tiffany-Style Semi-classical ceiling glass and iron Living Room, Dining Room and Foyer. You will also get free shipping on all orders. To get your 14 “Tiffany-Style Semi-classical ceiling lamp now and for buying similar products, visit us now at:lightingbox.com.

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