YOOBAO Magic Wand 5200mAh Powerbank

Are you in short of your charge of your battery when you need it most? Have you experienced the critical time without phone due to drain battery? You feel totally lost if your phone is not working. So here is YOOBAO magic wand 5200mAh power bank an external battery for your iPhone to do real magic at times you need your phones the most. It is modified to charge an iPhone5 full three times than any other battery in normal conditions. It is available in red bright color. This is a universal power pack, coming with a micro charging USB. You can use your own charging USB for your device using this USB charging power bank which means that it can easily go with any of your mobile phones such as iPhone, IPad, cameras, HTC, SAMSUNG, Blackberry, Nokia, PSP, NDS, NDSL and MP3/MP4 players. The design is very attracted. You just need to pick a color to match a taste-combine this with the sleek aluminum-magnesium alloy body and you have the best looking external battery for your mobile phones.

YOOBAO® Magic Wand 5200mAh Powerbank,

This magic wand external battery by YOOBAO comes in various others attractive color also. There are so beautiful colors that will attract everybody attention towards it. This beautiful color of external battery gives you inspiration to motivate your courage to pursue beauty. There are shining colors and glide line to add beauty. It is one piece seamless casing, smooth and clean oval design with soft edge and matte touch feeling. There are five different colors you can choose from that suits best to your phones. You can say that it is an example of advanced technology with extreme beauty. There is aluminum alloy with high quality, low weight, better heat resistance and strong crush resistance which makes it stand out unique from rest external batteries. It is result of utmost precision and delicate craftsmanship.

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