Why Sony In-Ear Headphones MDREX10LBP gives you an excellent sound quality ?

Enjoy loud music without disturbing any one with Sony in ear head phones (MDREX 10LBP).the head phones make listening to your favourite music an amazing experience. They are very much affordable. It gives you all that you want from your head phones and listen. Clear sound and quality which nobody can match. People who like listening to music all the time will not be disappointed.

Sony In-Ear Headphones (MDREX10LPB)

The cord is of the length 47 and ¼ inches which is 1.2metres. The Y-type chord is OFC Litz and weighs about 3 grams. The driver unit is of 9mm dome shape (CCAW) making it more user friendly to use. Most of the time you find that the head phones do not fit in your ears but it is not true in case of MDREX10LBP. It is sensitive towards 100 db/mW of sound. The sound is very much clear because of such sensitivity. It responds to frequency that ranges from 8 Hz to 22,000 Hz. You enjoy music from all your radio stations since they all fall within this frequency only. The impedance of 16 ohms at 1 kHz is there in the head phone. The audio quality of the in- ear head phone from Sony surpasses all the other head phones available in the market.

The power handling capacity of the head phone is 100 Mw (IEC). The design of the head phone is of ear bud shape. This is so that everyone is comfortable while using it. The size of the plug is L-shaped stereo mini. This size plug-in is available in most of the smart phones. Hence it makes it even more popular among the masses. It is handy. The magnet used in the head phone is High-energy Neodymium (400 kJ/m³). The speakers are closed and dynamic.

One year warrantee with the operating instruction from the company is available if you purchase them from 123ink.ca. Various sizes small, medium and large of the ear buds are also available. Once you put them in your ears they are very comfortable and soft. Sony is a reputed company which has created a name for itself in the market. The original head phones from the company are exclusive and a must have accessory if you are a music lover. It values your money and works for customer satisfaction. You will be proud to make such a choice of accessory.

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