Why HP 110-119 desktop PC is amazing for your home ?

HP 110 – 119 PC is the best choice for your home. It has minitower size of AMD E1-2500 power 1.40 GHz processor. Apart from this it has 4 GB DDR3 RAM AMD Radeon HD 8240 which gives striking image workstation. The PC had Windows 8 64 Bit operating system. The hard drive is of 1TB 7200RPM capacity. The DVD and RW help you to store large amount of data, mails images and videos. You can access them instantly. It has 7 in 1 media card reader that helps you to get access to various memory cards. The PC has 5.1 channel high definitions Audio. . Thus it gives you amazing sound quality. It can easily connect with external media since it has Integrated LAN 10/1000Mbps fast Ethernet as well. It works with the help of keyboard and optical mouse with USB connection.

HP 110-119 H6U18AA#ABL Desktop PC AMD Dual-Core

HP 110 gives you plenty of power supply so that no disturbance is caused while you are enjoying or busy working. The storage of 2TB internal hard disk drive is available. It helps to process the work fast and multi tasking is also made easy with 8GB DDR3 RAM. Create your own entertainment library with it. Exchange of files is very simple and fast. You can watch your favourite DVDs with the help of optional, integrated optical drive-or write your own media. It is easy to work on and has a chic let style keyboard and optical mouse. The designing of the PC is very simple and fits in even in small space. It blends easily with the surrounding. A central console gives you the list of most used ports .helps you to get the fast connectivity when ever required.

The product HP 110 is a good choice and is affordable. The company gives you in built HP Support Assistant to answer your daily simple questions. Another feature of HP 110-119 is HP Connected Photo. This helps you to share photos with your friends across smart phones and tablets. HP Connected Music is an additional feature for music. It has similar functions like the HP Connected Photo. Order now at 123ink.ca. and get this amazing PH 110-119 PC for your home. Multimedia applications are available with Cyber Link Media Suite. All the entertainment needs are fulfilled at just one stop. Webcam app, photo and video editing tools and a good video experience is not far.

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