Where to Buy X-mini™ WE Bluetooth Speaker with a fraction of cost ?!

There are many types of speaker in today’s world available in market. The sound system has always gain importance and have attracted everyone’s attention. So here is X-mini WE Bluetooth speaker which is available in all colors of your choice. Through the different generations of X-mini Capsule speakers they have been focus for delivering good sound quality. There was a philosophy that sound quality should be superior than the size was revisited again with the prospect on the sound to size ratio. X-mini has gain a leading position in the portable speaker category once again with its new form factor. You will find that Bluetooth and NFC connectivity is impact in X- mini to give you ultimate flexibility.

X-mini™ WE Bluetooth Speaker (Colors Available)

X-mini speaker has many features to benefit its buyer. Due to Bluetooth and NFC connectivity it is an incredibly small, portable device that has been in demand. There is an impressive playback time which is up to 6hrs of playback with easy Micro-USB charging. It is very comfortable with every device. You can use it with your tablets and portable game players, you just need to simply pair it with your favorite device and start enjoying your favorite tunes with good sound quality. Though it looks very tiny its delivers a high quality sound pitch so don`t go on its size. It has super portability you just need loop a lanyard or keychain around the metal bar and bring it everywhere you go. These speakers are magnetically shielded to give it a nice look and strong base. It has battery capacity of 230mAh and its charging time is minimum 1.5hours. It has loudspeaker output of 1.5W and playback time up to 6hours. It can be connected at a wireless range of up to 10 meters/33 feet. It has Bluetooth support of A2DP stereo.

After knowing the benefits of X-mini speaker sure you want to have one for your device. And the most amazing thing about it is that it is available in various colors which you can match with your other devices. So don’t wait anymore just go on our website 123ink.ca and book it right now. Once you place an order then your product will be delivered to you as soon as possible. This is a fast selling product and we would like you to have one for sure. So book it today.

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