The world popular IdeaWerk Desktop 3D printer

Are you wanna shop for a 3D printer ? Here ,at you can order IdeaWerk Desktop 3D Printer now.Take a look at the up!

IdeaWerk™ Desktop 3D Printer

Why use a D printer?You can customize your own items for home.You can make your own designed presents and gifts for friends and family.You can create accessories for existing gadgets. You can design jewelry.With it,you can do whatever you like! Using an advanced algorithm to improve the quality of printed objects, the IdeaWerk can print with detailed precision at a 0.18 mm layer thickness, Extra-large building size: L280 x W240 x H200 mm³ and High-speed printing: 50-300cm³/H.One roll of environmentally friendly PLA printing material is included.Importantly,the products features Good smell in heating, Non-toxicity,Less warping or shrinking issues,Both clear and opaque colors available,Slow cooling down,Low thermal resistance.

The IdeaWerk Desktop 3D Printer combines performance and convenience like no other printer in its class. It easy to maintain. Plug and Play, it assembles easily and uses patented technology to make 3D printing simple and efficient for all types of projects. Its design is sturdy enough to handle even the toughest jobs, but lightweight enough to be portable. The printing process is controlled with a touch screen panel for file selection and job initiation.Compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS, as well as many previous builds, the IdeaWerk will link in with your current technology suite. No needs to purchase additional software or accessories, just assemble, connect and begin printing immediately.

Key Features:

1.Quick and simple assembly (no need to assemble if it’s a fully assembled package).
2.Compact design for small space.
3.Super long continuous printing guaranteed
4.Easy to use 3.5” HD touch-screen control panel.
5.Perfect for 3D designers and product designer to do prototyping rapidly and cost-effectively.
6.Perfect for the entire family – 3D designers, craft enthusiasts, and students.

Though the price of Desktop 3D printer is a little high, for $1099,you can create whatever 3D models you want ! And you can get a set of Accessories in box with free shipping while pre-order.Welcome to shop for our website If you feel this one is too high, you can also have a look at other interesting products here.But in my eyes, using is believing! This product is deserve for you to have !

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