The advantages of using a Samsung CLP K300AC color toner cartridge

If you are shopping around for a printer, it would make sense to look at the kind of toner cartridges it would require and the associated costs of the same. if you are planning to purchase a Samsung printer of the CLP series, there are certain characteristics of this family of printers that you need to know about that will provide you a distinct idea of what advantages and limitations you will be straddled with if you opt for a printer from this series.

Samsung CLP-K300A Compatible Black Toner Cartridge With Chip

Samsung CLP-K300A Compatible Black Toner Cartridge With Chip

If you opt for a printer of the Samsung CLP 300AC series, the toner cartridges are part of a four toner system which come in four colors. This line of desktop laser printers is a more affordable version as compared to other printers of Samsung. As the cartridges are placed separately from the drum unit, that makes Samsung CLP toners one of the least expensive products in this segment. You need not worry about getting OEM cartridges for such a printer as well. You can opt for remanufactured cartridges for such a printer. It will help you reduce the cost of printing further in such a system.

If you look at the printing capacity of Samsung toner cartridges of the CLP 300 family, if you cover five percent of a page you will be able to print about two thousand pages with one cartridge. If you opt for colored printing, you will be able to get half that amount from a colored toner cartridge. You have the option to choose between a standard and a high yield version of a toner cartridge. If you opt for the toner cartridge of the high yield capacity, that will translate to more pages printed per cartridge and less downtime of a printer. When you opt for such a printer for a small business or running a home office, you will appreciate such cost saving factors.

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