Skullcandy® Riff In-Ear Headset with Mic (Colors Available)

Skullcandy was founded in 2003, America market with production design Headset and accessories company, it is already listed on the Nasdaq stock America, code named “SKUL”. Noise reduction and sound insulation Headset is Skullcandy’s main product, the customers are mainly young people and love life. The product design is novel, the one and only. Product color collocation is bold, distinctive, can say, Skullcandy is the pursuit of quality, fashion, quality, brand design to perfection, it gives each product unique personality.

Skullcandy® Riff In-Ear Headset with Mic

Taking into account the comfortable degree of ear,Skullcandy Riff Ear-buds with Microphone are Comfortable earbud headphones equipped with Skullcandy Supreme Sound technology along with Mic’d technology allows for the ability to take and make calls. Skullcandy INKD in Headset, has colorful color Headset like wearing a T-shirt as comfortable, whether it is love sport you thoughts? For your ears tailored, safe and comfortable. In the design, into the ear canal, blocking noise, clear sound quality. Traditional earplug bass weak. As a T-shirt as Headset, perhaps is not a dream. The Skullcandy Riff Earbuds compatible with most handsets and with Microphone uses a 3.5mm jack. Integrated microphone wire allows you to easily adjust the volume, switch songs, play and pause. Let you in answering the phone and listen to music relaxed. And can provide strong bass stereo effect, it is your best choice for business travel or leisure sport. And inline microphone Apple compatible control volume, music playback, pause and answer the phone and call, a standard 3.5mm interface, suitable for the vast majority of players.

In general,Skullcandy products are powerful makes the movement, music, fashion the perfect combination of elements, the development is very rapid, not only because of the design inspiration and fashion elements of its extraordinarily won the majority of athletes and people who love fashion and popular, the Headset products beautiful appearance and unique selling point is not Skullcandy, on sound expressive is gaining more and more world fancier affirmation and recognition, Skullcandy products are now sold in more than 80 countries around the world. e offers you a amazing price $15 and there are five colors to choose, If you want to have one, You must act quickly, Do not miss ! For more products,you can always check our, what are you waiting for ?!

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