Screen Cleaner Kit, Anti-static and Alcohol Free

In our daily life, mobile phone is our inseparable part, whether in the office or entertainment, people can see the phone in his hand. However, bacteria are often dependent on the top of the screen, it is direct contact with the person’s hands, face and lips, in addition, the dust into the machine through the screen body, can lead to their operation is not normal. Our health and the people around you, we want to give the face of the phone – mobile phone screen cleaner. But, on the screen clean, a lot of people are not good at, simply clean with clear water to calculate? This is a wrong idea, with a paper towel? This is wrong, rough hard tissue more easily scratched, moreover, the tissues of the dust is also dependent on the screen, just like never clean. Then how to deal with this matter? Now I will introduce to you a clean tools: Screen Cleaner Kit, Anti-static and Alcohol Free.

Screen Cleaner Kit, Anti-static and Alcohol Free

The Screen Cleaner protect and clean your TV screen, computer monitor, Tablet, Mobile, Phone and more.Anti-static and Alcohol-free formula and The micro fibre cleaning cloth removes dust, dirt and finger printers leaving your screen surface spectacularly clean. Electronic screen (especially flat screens, such as, TFT LCD, plasma screen) surface usually are easily damaged, and the table coated with a layer of special synthetic material, and clean the surface of the glass or synthetic common household cleaners, multi-purpose cleaner or other cleaners usually contain alcohol, such as ammonia or acid composition, these ingredients will damage easily damaged screen surface or its antireflection coating, so this type of screen need special care and cleaning.Our Screen Cleaner Kit apply to electronic screens (especially flat screens, such as, TFT LCD, plasma screen) of the surface. But need to pay attention to is the correct way to clean is: when the dust on the screen is large, with a dry clean cloth flick off dust, then put the cleaning fluid evenly sprayed on the clean cloth, wait for a few seconds, let the cleaning fluid completely immerses clean cloth. Then gently wipe down the same direction. Foresee the obstinate stains, wipe a few times more in the same direction, not repeat back and forth, strength too much. This completes the screen clean. Note detergents should not be to clean cloth sprayed with too much, otherwise to wipe with liquid overflow. In addition to the screen, many times we have to clean the shell.

Let our Screen Cleaner Kit to deep clean your screen Keep your screen shine. Log in our website to learn more about related product information.We will provide you with the most affordable price $7.99. Hurry to snap up!


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