Purely natural environment-friendly Screen Cleaner Kit

Are you looking for an environmental-friendly and healthy screen cleaner? Today,Cab-L-5002 Screen Cleaner Kit is highly recommended to you.Our Screen Cleaning Master,Cab-L-5002 is All Natural, NO Chemicals,Free of Alcoholic substances.And with its OPP bag packing material,you can be 100% at ease about using it,having got MSDS Certification. Its packing is in Green, Blue, Pink and Purple four color,it will be random 1 Color to Delivery,at $7.99 affordable price!

Screen Cleaner Kit, Anti-static and Alcohol Free, 60ml

The Selected reasons for  Screen Cleaner Kit

  • Best and Protect together with Clean for any type of LCD, Laptop,iPad, iPhone, smartphones, tablets, TV screens, monitor and more.
  • Smart Size 60 Ml Cleaning liquid bottle can be carried with you everywhere.60ml cleaning gel,Decomposing the dirt quickly. It is environment-friendly and incorrodible. The gel also forms a protective layer on the screen. The shape of the good is gelatinous ,it is convinent and safe to use and not so easy to flow when you blowout.There is no trace no water splash and no garland after used.
  • Lens cloth comes fine the micro fiber cleaning cloth removes dust, dirt and fingerprinters leaving your screen surface spectacularly clean.The cloth is soft in touching and has an outstanding ability of absorbing greasy dirt, unharmful to screens.
  • Natural and green products. Anti-static and Alcohol-free formula. Does not harm the coating of your screen.
  • Environmental friendly, Anti Bacterial & Anti Statics. OPP material Bottle will be dispatched subject to availability.
  • Free of harsh chemicals & alcoholic substances. Use safely around children and pets.

How to use the Screen Cleaner Kit Cab-L-5002?The Direction of use is very simple!
a. Remove the dirts with lens cloth.
b. Spray the cleaning solution on the screen.
c. Wipe the screen gently with the lens cloth.

After hearing my Pure natural introduction,are you wanna have a try?You may be shocked by its powerful cleaning effect. This high quality and value for money product you can’t miss! Hurry up to visit our website primecables.com to order.

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