Protect your Family with KROSS ALL-IN-1 4CH SECURITY SYSTEM

Everyone thinks that his home is the best and safest place for him. He or she feels safe and comfortable within the premises of his/her home. However, this feeling can be vanished, if you have an enemy or a person jealous of you. He or she may invade your home and take away your privacy, happiness and comfort. What if someone is sneaking around your home and observing all of your activities? You can be in great danger. If you don’t know what is happening in or outside your home, you might get in big trouble.


Have you ever thought about, what your children are doing in the room just next to you? You can check anytime, but the children are too clever and can pull the wool over your eyes. However, if you install a kross all-in-1 4ch security system in your home, this will help you a lot and you can watch and supervise them at anytime. This will also help you save your family and your property from any attempt of theft etc.

Surveillance at a factory may help the factory owner to check who is working and being honest and who is cheating him. There is one solution to all of your problems and it is a simple one just buy kross all-in-1 4ch and install them where you think they can work best. No one will know you are watching him or her, but you are. You don’t need any technical background or special skills to operate them. Just place them, use your smart phone, desktop or even a laptop to check that everything is fine. If you feel someone might have broken into your home or office, don’t worry; just check the recording on a fast rate and in just 5 minutes you will see what happened in your home or office during the whole day. By this small effort, you can save your family, privacy and your property.

Technical Information
You can adjust resolution from your DVR’s setting menu; if you are not required the best result, choose a normal resolution to save your memory. However, if you need a higher quality recording set your surveillance DVR’s setting to the highest resolution, but bear in mind that this will increase the size of video file.

Video Compression
Older surveillance DVRs used vid-codecs, which were not as of high quality and capable as today’s modern codec kross 4ch security system. Today’s modern surveillance DVRs use H.264 to encode and export files as high-resolution MP4, this way, you get quality playback with a smaller disk space.

HD Video to DVD
If you are a quality lover and want to rip a DVD of the footage of your surveillance DVR, then you should beware that DVDs cannot play HD footage. As DVDs are becoming older medium, which only can play standard video and will definitely provide a low quality video. You can come over this by using blu-rays technology. You should export your video to blu-rays that are competent of handling or playing HD footage.

You can get this kross all-in-1 4ch security system from at just $297.93.

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