Particularly recommended: G&G Premium Brother TN-450 Compatible Toner Cartridge

TN450-G Toner Cartridge can apply to Laser printers, all-in-one.with excellent quality, high guarantee period and outstanding cost performance, the current price value. Hot sell in the market ,there is demand of users may wish to contact businesses.

G&G™ Premium Brother TN-450

Feature: (stable,fast,environment)
TN450-G Toner Cartridge as professional toner cartridge , it can print a sample of the black and white, the document is relatively clean, even by mixed document, image edge is sharp and clear.It can offers you a high output speed with printer,stable and fast.
Print quality can be comparable to original, on the expression of print quality there are some slight difference with the original. Substantial cost savings print, still can reduce the waste of ink cartridge, saving and environmental protection.

Advantage in TN450-G Toner Cartridge (economical,durable,simple operation)
1.Cheaper than the other general brand of combined type toner cartridge.
2.One Brother photosensitive drum using an average of about three carbon powder, 3.therefore, three times more durable than merge type of toner cartridge.
4.Carbon powder fastness, ensure to print by permanent to ensure that the printing graphic permanent.
5.A4 printing paper 5% coverage,Ink uniform,use effect is good, easy to use.

G&G TN450-G Toner Cartridge has a low price and single page printing costs, can satisfied with some price-sensitive individuals ,small business user or  home user requirements.Advice the user to select brand awareness is higher, the quality guaranteed printer supplies.

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