Opt for a feather light shell cover for iPhone 5/5S

Today the market for cellphone cases has much evolved. Gone are the days when one had to be satisfied with the limited number of choices that were available in the market. Today, one has a lot of choices apart from the branded cases and covers that are sold by the cellphone manufacturers. Indeed, there are brands that are running on the demand for cases, covers, pouches and other accessories for cellphones. There are brands like Incipio that has a wide range of such accessories that are made only for the iPhones. The latest range of iPhones has a lot of choice among such accessories from this reputed brand.

Incipio® feather SHINE Ultra Thin Shell with Aluminum Finish for iPhone 5 5S,

Among the many cases and covers available for the latest iPhone 5 series, a new and innovative product is the ultra thin shell in aluminium finish. This is a unique product which differs from the usual features of the existing cases and covers in the market. Since the iPhone is a delicate smartphone, most cases and covers have a certain thickness in order to prevent the phone from damage. However if you like thick covers or cases, the ultra thin shell cover is an ideal choice for you. This product comes with an aluminum finish which gives it a chic and modern look.

Incipio feather SHINE Ultra Thin Shell uses state of the art materials in developing the cases and covers for the different phones in the market. This particular ultra thin frame of aluminium is made of Plextonium. This hybrid material has an ultra light weight but high density which gives a protective yet feather light shine and cover to the IPhone. Indeed, the sleek and brushed metal look of the shell transforms the original look of the phone entirely. If you are wondering whether the ports and connectivity are hampered, you can be rest assured that this shell cover is designed in such a way that it does not hamper transmission of signals in any way. The port openings are designed to fit every iPhone 5 series phone perfectly.

Such a product is on an incredible sale at phonegala.com This site is known for its wide range of electrical and electronic accessories and it should not surprise anyone to see the wide range of cases and covers on offer at this site. However, this month there are amazing discounts being given in many items. Such a shell cover in obsidian black design is available at ten dollars which is equivalent of a 66% discount on the market price of such an item.

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