Metz mecablitz 58 AF-2 TTL Shoe Mount Flash for Canon DSLR

Is digital SLR camera flash really necessary? Will, of course.Due to ambient light, camera sensitivity and the effect of lens aperture, etc, in the dark environment, we tend to shoot enough bright, clear images. At this time, flash is great the case. In the field of current digital SLR, except for a few high-end products, the rest is equipped with a built-in flash. But the output power of the built-in flash is small, and ultimately the brightness of the images, the resolution may be more difficult to meet the requirements of users.External flash, by contrast, due to the independent design, size, weight, power and cost constraints are less, so, it often has high output power, exposure and color temperature control, function also has a built-in flash incomparable advantage. Pay attention to capture dark environment effect, therefore, as a photography enthusiast, a suitable external flash almost is required.

Metz mecablitz 58 AF-2 TTL Shoe Mount Flash for Canon DSLR

Metz mecablitz AF – 2 TTL Flash shoe is second to none in 58 install Canon digital SLR mace shoe Flash installation designed to be compatible with digital Canon SLR cameras. In order to better promote the compatible camera, flash of the built-in USB port, allows the firmware update over the Internet in the future. Advanced features, including a 3 than secondary reflection light output, built-in soft light reflector card, a convenient accessories metal matrix, and a model of a constant visual flash. 58 AF – 2 has evaluation of the pre flash and is designed to fully support the Canon digital SLR camera TTL system. Flash also has from the 24-105 – mm can be set to match the camera sensor automatically zoom lens, total reflection and swivel (a fully rotating mirror system also contains a rotating mirror card and diffuser), built-in wide-angle diffusion of 12 mm range, in addition, 12 full manual control variable power output level. If the camera has a built-in flash, 58 mecablitz pitot also can use wireless systems, even in the server.

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