Manfrotto MT294C3 Carbon Fiber Tripod now is up to 50% off!!!

Being a world-wide renown professional camera and lighting equipments manufacturers,Manfrotto has a reliable reputation. Manfrotto has been engaging in top quality Camera Equipments. Are you feel dissatisfied with you current three tripod’s stability when you take photos everywhere? May Manfrotto MT294C3 Carbon Fiber Tripod can help you !

Manfrotto MT294C3 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Three tripod plays an important role both for the amateur or professional users, users can not be ignored, the main function of it is to stabilize the camera, to achieve a photographic effect. Need a longer exposure time, this time, to the camera can not shake, you need three tripod help.The Manfrotto MT294C3 is one of the larger tripods in the 290 family. It provides solid support for a DSLR or other camera with carbon fiber leg tubes. It uses a next-generation carbon tubing, an innovative composite tube with optimized fiber angles that provide lightness and stability. The three-section construction with larger diameter carbon tubing than the 293 models maximizes camera stability and minimizes vibrations, and is ideal for zoom lenses that amplify any camera shake. With its universal 3/8″-16 stud, it’s ready to attach to most photography heads.In addition, the two-position leg angle settings make low-angle shooting possible, while a rapid center column adds flexibility and extends the height range. With a maximum height of 66.54″ it can function all the way down to 15.63″, and it folds down to 24″ for transport and storage. The MT294C3 tripod supports loads up to 11 lb. The disk at the top of the center column is compatible with any Manfrotto head. A head is required for normal operation, and is not included.

The Characteristics of Manfrotto MT294C3 Tripod:
1.Three tripod is made from Carbon fiber material, counteracting any effects of wear and aging and keeping the tripod fully functional throughout its long life.
2.With a maximum height of 66.54″(169cm),Tube feet is more stable and more strong.
3.Multifunction.Can be fixed, anti- shake, adjust the angle, but also can be used for auto heterodyne photograph.
4.Have 3 sections, easy to fold and operate as well as easy to carry.

In fact, buying a fine quality Tripod is the essential thing of taking better and clearer photos. It is twice the result with half the effort for photography creation.Now the Manfrotto MT294C3 is up to 50% from entry-level to fancy carbon fiber products,only for $179.99 at! This promotion is for a limited time and quality only! Hurry up!

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