Manfrotto MT294A4 aluminum tripod on 50% off !

The 4 section,three foot of the MT294A4 and 290 big families will begreat performance and compact size. , it is an ideal choice to travel photography. Tripod is most suitable for this section 4 in a compact space, shockproof circle can protect your camera against accidental impact, three face the center axis of the column design can avoid skidding is disassembled hand. Innovative and flexible foot tube lock provides users with the best support. Bigfoot tube and new high quality aluminum casting roof to ensure that the product is light and strong.


The function of Manfrotto MT294A4 ALUMINUM TRIPOD, both for the amateur or professional users, users can not be ignored, his main role is to stabilize the camera, in order to achieve certain photographic effect, so the location of three very important. The main function of it is to stabilize the camera, to achieve a photographic effect. Using a three foot long exposure is the most common, if users at night or when surging trajectory images, exposure time longer, this time, the digital camera can not shake, you need three tripod help. There are also many three tripod, tripod is mainly want to buy three angle frame can provide stable shooting condition for some shooting conditions, but there are many cases will lead to three tripod resulting in instability, such as using a three foot weight lighter or so-called portable three tripod, imbalance or not on the button in the case of open angle frame, or in the formal use of excessive pull up the middle axis rod, will make the angle frame angle of oscillation.A large pipe and a new casting with high quality aluminum guarantee stiffness, light weight, and give an optimal solution to the 4 part of the three stand density.

The human body engineering control design for a safer, more enjoyable experience and anti Zhenhuan protect yourcamera from accidental impacts. Because of the aluminum plate and theuniversa 3/8 “MT294A4 of the 4 quarter is three foot three. 290 of the largest family, performance excellence. The tube feet and the roof is a high-qualityaluminum alloy casting, design of section 4 of the volume after foldingcompact. Manipulation of ergonomic design provides comfortable operatingexperience, shockproof ring can protect your camera against accidental impact, let you always protect your camera.

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