Lowepro DryZone 200

If there is no DryZone 200, I can’t imagine the whole backpack full of SLR camera fell into the water will be what kind of scene. You will cry while playing his regret not to buy a DryZone 200.Lowepro brand new design products, DryZone 200 was the first completely waterproof soft backpack, even if the whole bag fell into the water, bag inside the equipment doesn’t be affected with damp be affected with damp, if the bag was full of equipment, as long as backpack DryZone 200 waterproof zipper pull, don’t fill after the whole bag fell into the water, like a boat floating.

Lowepro DryZone 200

Waterproof coat the backpack’s features, and the main features of DryZone function as backpack waterproof clothing. After high-tech waterproof zipper, pull up, can completely avoid the impact of the water, when there is no rain, the wind blowing, can open the waterproof zipper for equipment use, Bags are high load bearing equipment placed inside compartment, its changeful adjustment can satisfy the using demand of everything in the home, the composition of the whole backpack with collection of the tripod is fixed, two external drainage of mesh bag, internal mesh woven bag, bag outlet, fully functional human shoulders with systems work, the rubber hand wrap, luxury belt and shoulder belt hanging ring ring in convenient use sticky button hang bag.

the details of backpack

Lowepro DryZone 200 with Water-tight and patented TIZIP® EasySeal zipper.Waterproof rubber-covered nylon drypod with sealed seams. Inside the package,with Separated, padded camera compartment with adjustable divider system. Ergonomic backpack harness with CollarCut™ straps, waistbelt and sternum strap for custom fit adjustments. Tuck-away tripod holder and Self-draining outer mesh pockets. SlipLock™ attachment loops for expanded carrying capacity. Producers dryzone 200 package is a completely waterproof, soft edges of the denial of 600 and 2000 TXP ballistic nylon camera bag. Has a patent in drypod, waterproof zipper provide 100% tizip waterproof protection. It is like a dry clothes for your equipment. When I do not need to protect, to leave tizip open only inside zipper and top clip is convenient.

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