JINBEI DPSIII-800 Studio Strobe

If you are not a Studio Strobe enthusiasts, you will never know how important for us to get a good equipment. Therefore, JINBEI DPSIII – 800 Studio Strobe to provide the best products for you. You don’t need to worry about the life of the bulb is too short, there is something wrong with the flash output of poor as well as the effect of light and shadow. Famous photographer Kirk tucker (Kirk Tuck) flash zhuo well-informed in start up the most eye-catching slogan: downsizing equipment, depending on your lighting wisdom, outrageous photos taken. Our idea is the same, the most concise and effective equipment, do you take the ability of the assistant.

JINBEI DPSIII-800 Studio Strobe

About DPIII professional digital flash, use advanced digital drive circuit design, break through the traditional flash control mode, improve flash output precision, performance more stable, more reliable, back faster. About LCD liquid crystal display (LCD), 1/1-1/32 power output adjusting range, 0.1 -magnitude fine-tuning, standard color temperature, flash output precision is 1%. Fuselage built-in 2.4 Ghz wireless remote control module, optional with LCD screen JB – RC multi-function remote control, ten groups of ten channels, can easily control nearly a flash function selection. On the modelling of DPIII professional digital flash, the modelling of its control function is all ready, proportion, all light, automatic opening and closing, closed. Unique, flexible, strong lock design, can according to need to be installed in flash or at the bottom of the chute, facilitate flash set-top installed or placed on the ground lamp.For photography enthusiasts, is extremely high to the requirement of equipment. Bayonet Jin Bei professional aluminum alloy design, all kinds of optional Jin Bei professional attachment system, build rich light and shadow effect. Modelling of 250w bulb, reasonable structure, does not affect the flash output. High quality heyman flash tube, standard color temperature, reliable quality, long service life. A black plastic cover to protect the flash head part of the flash and modelling of the light bulb.

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