IPad Air Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case

You must be enjoying your IPad Air. But are you tired of typing on your IPad Air? Your fingerprints on the screen irritates you? Are not getting the desired typing speed for your projects? Want to have a laptop feeling on your IPad? Here we offer a best combination for you with our latest product IPad Air Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case. You can convert your IPad Air into laptop now. The slim and sleek design of this keyboard gives you an elegant feeling. It enhances your typing speed providing you a feeling of using normal keyboard. You don’t need to touch the screen for typing and there is no need to dirt the screen through fingerprints etc. IPad Air Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard comes in soft leather casing. Its premium leather case secures IPad Air from dust, air and rusting.

iPad Air Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case

IPad Air Wireless Bluetooth Case comes with the following specifications:

  • Wireless Bluetooth keyboard and folding leather protective case a 2-in-1 combination.
  • Ultra-fine silicon material with a feel of elegance.
  • High graded protective case customized for IPad Air.
  • Lightweight and compact design.

ipad case from PhoneGala

Bluetooth keyboard helps you relax your fingers. Typing on narrow keyboard of your IPad makes your frustrated. IPad Air Wireless Leather Case not only provides a laptop feeling but also secures your IPad Air screen from scratches and finger prints. You can now type with your maximum potential conveniently. If you are looking for a protection pouch or leather case for your IPad Air, then why not try this latest product which provides dual benefits. It’s a protection pouch in its own class with leather case. It contains a keyboard in itself. That’s another privilege of using this gear. Hey! You enjoy playing games on your IPad Air? That is fantastic. Imagine you are playing games on the same device but you have a dedicated keyboard with you. Is not it superb? Play the games with this new gear and enjoy the whole new experience.

Up till now you must be feeling excited to have this gear for your IPad Air. This gear is just a click away from you. Please visit our website phonegala.com add your desired product into the cart and get relaxed. Rest is our job to provide excellent services to our client’s at most reasonable rates. We provide quality products to our esteemed client’s at the most reasonable and economical rates. We have month special deals as well at our portal providing quality goods at further discounted rates.

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