Incipio® LGND Premium Hard-Shell Folio for iPhone 5

Maybe you have your beloved iPhone fell into the toilet, the floor or, looking at it fragmented but there is no way that this is a moment of extreme pain, you definitely don’t want to experience again, this is what you need for the iPhone is equipped with a strong anti-corrosion protective sleeve. We have selected for you a fund that is doing very well in the market at present the iPhone 5 is three cases, to prevent the accidental injury of cell phone. It is Incipio® LGND Premium Hard-Shell Folio for iPhone.

Incipio® LGND Premium Hard-Shell Folio for iPhone 5,

The sophisticated LGND case for the new iPhone is designed with mixed materials. Constructed with a polycarbonate frame, microsuede lining and a vegan leather closure for added security, the LGND is a sophisticated solution for anyone on-the-go.,The LGND™ iPhone 5 case by Incipio With multi-layer protective measures, headphones and charging interface has a single protection cover, can achieve very good waterproof and fall prevention effect.Incipio features first is it ABS/polycarbonate material shell, not only has 10 meters waterproof function, and support the comprehensive dustproof and shockproof function. Second, the shell has a 170 – degree view of wide-angle lens, you can also download in the App Store to free vidometer application, can achieve similar sports camera shooting experience, even, also can install a dedicated tripod, very suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The  iPhone 5 case by Incipio is a hard-shell folio case that provides nearly 360 degree iPhone protection. A steel mesh earpiece allows for iPhone usage while LGND™ folio is closed. LGND case against fall with a scratch-resistant fold stain resistant impact resistance and other properties. Product overall softness is terrible, even distorted back instantly, and there will not be any crease, product recovery feature built-in memory can ensure that the product can be permanent deformation, long service life. At the same time, environmental non-toxic harmless features make our products can let anyone normal contact including pregnant women and children.

Incipio® LGND Premium Hard-Shell Folio great and makes the phone stand out and look fancier than it already is. And it is limited, if there is a need one,please login our website offer you a Surprise price $15.00, If you buy it at Jun 30, 2014,yout will Save 49%.Please enjoy the click our website., and we give you the lowest prices possible.

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