IdeaWerk Desktop 3D Printer

The high performance to price ratio, high resolution IdeaWerk  Desktop 3D Printer for your office 3D Printer. The series with a minimum floor space, high efficiency to achieve 28 micron thick, high resolution sample making, using IdeaWerk high performance Desktop 3D Printer series of products, designers and engineers can be directly from the office desktop easily build prototypes, and vivid details of the accuracy is very outstanding. Don’t let your creativity for solid sample physical feeling or outsourcing leaks. Using IdeaWerk series Desktop 3D Printer, the designer without the trade-off between quality and speed. On the contrary, you only need to send your data according to the highest precision equipment, several hours after the test of prototype fast print, used to display your inspiration, and to improve the. This will ensure that your product before your competition on the structure of city. All of these require a lower price to have!

IdeaWerk™ Desktop 3D Printer

IdeaWerk Desktop 3D Printer as an economical and accurate Desktop 3D Printer is a desktop system, first print realistic model, can print high strength materials, small moving parts, thin and smooth objects and can be sprayed surface. The use of IdeaWerk’s hard white material hard white material is ideal for conventional 3D modeling, has the characteristics of dimensional stability good. Desktop 3D Printer generated model can be sprayed, drilling, machining or for vacuum forming. Shorten the product development cycle, as long as the desktop is equipped with a Desktop 3D Printer, you can perform multiple repetitive design within a day, the rapid completion and approval of product design, production.

This 3D Printer lets you easily in the office, and quickly make the required prototype, without special training, do not need special equipment. Only can use a variety of material printing quality, detail is very exquisite model desk type system. Desktop 3D Printer can bring you advanced, 3D print solutions can accept design institutions, various scale engineering company, consultancy and service provider. IdeaWerk combination of performance and convenient like no other printer in its class. It easy assembling, and use the patent technology makes 3 d printing is simple and efficient for all types of projects. Design is strong enough, can handle even the most difficult work, but lightweight enough light. Printing process control and touch screen panel for file selection and start your work.

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