How to Replacing a HP 126A OEM Cyan Toner Cartridge ?

Even if you order in a genuine cartridge to replace one in your printer, you need to be aware of the process of replacing a toner cartridge with a new one. Laser printers which offer high resolution prints usually run out of ink faster, especially with more frequency of prints. In such cases, it is advisable that you know the right way of replacing a laser toner cartridge in order to avoid damaging the printer or the cartridge. There are instructions that are given on every toner cartridge. These instructions are given in an easy to read manner and you can follow the same to replace a toner cartridge in your printer by yourself.

HP 126A OEM Cyan Toner Cartridge CE311A

The instruction manual that comes with the printer usually states the way a cartridge can be removed. There is usually a release button to make a lever move that keeps the cartridges in place. You need to be careful that you do not touch the exposed part of the toner cartridge to avoid getting the toner on your hands or your clothes.

There are certain cartridges that are designed in such a manner that they have holes in them into which the toner liquid can be poured in directly. There is a plug or stopper on such toner cartridges to cover the holes on such cartridges. There are refill kits available. If you opt for a refill kit of a HP 126A toner cartridge, you will be able to refill your original toner cartridge by yourself. Even though the toner is a powder, it is so fine that it behaves like a liquid.

It is not easy to locate refill kits of toner cartridges nowadays. It is a procedure that not many printer companies would recommend. For such reasons, they have made all kind of toner cartridge replacement units available in the market. You simply need to remove the original and place in the new one to get the printer started again. However, if the placement of the cartridge is not right, there will be an error message showing and your printer will not recognize the cartridge. In order to be sure that you have obtained a genuine product, you need to order in from a trusted site like This site offers a wide range of products in the arena of printers and accessories of different brands. You can easily locate a HP 126A cyan toner cartridge . The OEM cartridges of this range are available at a discount at this site.

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