High Quality and Inexpensive CD/DVD storage wallet

Are you have trouble in finding you CD/DVD everywhere? Does your movie and music collection seem to grow more and more everyday? However, facing that lots of CD/DVD, you are wondering where to store it. If so, you can save your time when you get our CD/DVD wallet . Now,Your savior is here ! I highly recommend our high in quality but low in price CD/DVD STORAGE WALLET to you. It can collect your CD/ DVD in 80 PCS,made of nylon. Luckily, it is at heartbeat preferential price $5.99.Be quick ! This storage wallet limits in availability quantities, only 10 in stock!


This nylon storage wallet is designed and customized for CD and DVD discs .You have numerous discs? No problems! With its storing capacity of 80CDs for CD/DVDs, It is easy for you to carry and find what you needed CD. What’s more, you will have plenty of rooms for all your Drama, Comedy, Thriller movies and more Music collections. You can use it to storage, classify, sort as well as protect your CD/DVD discs and so on.After using it, you will find it can really save you precious time. You can also count on your CD/DVD wallet to last you a very long time, since it comes with a durable nylon exterior
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Key Features:
1.Superior quality and finely processed black nylon material.
2.It can hold 80 PCS CD/DVD/VCD, or any combination of Media.
3.Ideally hold your CD of music discs, game discs, PC driver discs and so on.
4.Protects disks from dust, damp, scratches and corruption.
5.Scratch resistant sleeves protect and store CD/DVD.
6.Convenient handle with zippered enclosure,easy to insert and remove.
7.Comes factory sealed in plastic bag.
8.Lightweight construction for easy portability.

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